Companies Without In-house Legal Counsel

Every company faces legal and compliance questions and issues, and most often senior management is left trying to either attempt to address the legal issue on their own or contact outside counsel and risk ending up with a large legal bill.

That is why CEO’s rely, more than ever, on having in-house counsel or on establishing a relationship with an experienced outside counsel for insightful, customized business advice. Whether you desire to engage Stall Legal on an as needed or a fractional general counsel basis, Stall Legal helps to effectively address legal and compliance issues, helps manage risk, allows management to take full advantage of business opportunities, while enabling your company to reach its overall goals.

Stall Legal provides a wide range of valuable services, including advising senior management on strategic matters, handling transactions and contracts, assisting with employment-related matters, managing risk and disputes, health care insurance coverage and disputes, insurance compliance and oversight, payor disputes and assuring that corporate governance and compliance issues are appropriately addressed. However, in-house counsel’s most important role and “value-add” is often in being able to identify and creatively address issues and risks before they become a problem.

Through our fractional general counsel program, a member of our team provides a dedicated number of hours or days per month to handling your company’s legal needs. We collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive plan to meet your company’s legal and compliance priorities. Under the program, we regularly interact with management and perform a significant portion of your company’s legal work, but we do not completely replace your company’s existing outside counsel. In the limited circumstances when outside counsel is engaged, Stall Legal will work with such counsel to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency in order to provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for your company.

The Stall Legal Team offers a flexible, cost-effective approach to meeting your team’s needs. Regardless of whether we are engaged on a as needed basis or through our fractional general counsel program, the Stall Legal team member will develop an in-depth understanding of your business and work seamlessly with your team. Serving as fractional general counsel, a Stall Legal team member will address your company’s legal needs with continuity and efficiency – all at a cost substantially less than law firm rates.

Where and How Stall Legal Works

In today’s every changing business world, both during and post-pandemic, working remotely or virtually is an essential and necessary attribute for external legal services. The Stall Legal team has vast years of experience working both in highly matrixed, complex organizations and managing work and relationships for nearly anywhere within the United States. Stall Legal team members have worked for large national and international companies that do not have centralized legal departments. With this experience, Stall Legal can aptly and timely manage your company’s needs wherever and whenever they are required. In addition, Stall Legal team members can be available onsite to meet with your company’s management and associates. Flexibility and cost savings are our goal for you.

Why CEO’s and CFO’s Choose Stall Legal

  • Money Savings – Stall Legal’s rates are a fraction of normal outside counsel rates.
  • Improved Productivity – Having a dedicated in-house legal resource allows senior management to focus on strategy and growing the business, instead of managing legal matters.
  • Cost Certainty – Flexible billing options, including per diem rates and project-based billing, allow you to achieve cost certainty not commonly available from outside counsel
  • In-depth Business Knowledge – – Supplementing the team with a business-savvy legal counsel who builds trusted relationships and gains an intimate knowledge of your business’s operations, challenges, opportunities, and risks.
  • Special Projects – Dedicated in-house counsel provides a new way to insource special projects, further enhancing decision making, efficiency, while reducing costs.


Stall Legal offers a variety of fee structures, including hourly, per diem, flat fee, and project-based, to meet your company’s specific needs.

A popular fee arrangement is to have a Stall Legal team member to provide a blended schedule of on-site, virtual and remote services each month. The Stall Legal team member works a specified number of hours or days per month and is available to handle matters on-site, remotely or virtually – all on an hourly rate or on a per-diem basis that is a fraction of rates charged by law firms.

For special projects, Stall Legal is happy to provide per diem or project-based billing to assist with your budgeting.

Please contact Mark Stall or a Stall Legal team member to discuss your legal needs and to learn more about how Stall Legal ‘s fractional general counsel program can provide your company with high-quality, business-centric legal services at a significantly lower cost.

Commercial Contracts

  • Vendor Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Contract Management

Technology Agreements

  • SaaS, IaaS and PaaS Agreements
  • Software Agreements
  • Development Agreements


  • Day-to-day Employment Counseling
  • Employee Policies, Procedures and Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employee Benefits – compliance, agreements and day-to-day counseling
  • HR Investigations, responses to discrimination charges, and pre-litigation negotiations
  • Consulting Agreements

Health Care Law

  • Individual, Small Group and Large Group Health Insurance Contracting, including insured, Self-Insured, MEWA and Hybrid Arrangements, and Jointly Administered Arrangements
  • Provider, Vendor, Ancillary Contracting, including Financing, Administration, and Negotiation
  • Health Insurance Design and Development
  • Contract Automation and Efficiency (all contract types)
  • Health Insurance Oversight and Regulation
  • Tele-Health Design and Implementation
  • Claims and Customer Service Operations (including on-/off-shoring)
  • Regulatory Audits, Targeted Audits, and Regulatory Investigations
  • Prompt Payment of Claims Compliance
  • Member/Provider Grievances and Appeals
  • Claims Systems Migrations – planning and implementation
  • Claims Management and Reimbursement

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Structure, Negotiate and Document M&A Transactions
  • Due Diligence
  • Post-closing Activities

Real Estate & Finance

  • Real Estate Leases
  • Commercial Loan Agreements
  • Equipment Purchase and Leasing Arrangements

Corporate Compliance

  • Global Compliance Programs and Policies
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Compliance, FCPA & Anti-Corruption Due Diligence
  • Supplier Compliance Policies
  • Data Privacy

Risk Management and Litigation Management

  • Litigation Management
  • Pre-litigation Assessments
  • Pre-litigation Assessment and Evaluation